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Attorney Fee Information in California
Attorney Fees, Post Judgement modifications

The cost of hiring a lawyer in a family law situation is unpredictable. Sometimes, the family law court will order one party to pay a portion of the attorney fees incurred by the other party. Attorney fees may be awarded for various reasons. The most common is financial need. If one party earns more than the other, the family law court has the ability to order the higher-earning spouse to contribute toward the otherís attorney fees and costs. The family lawcourt almost never orders the higher-earning spouse to pay all of those attorney fees; only a portion.

An award of lawyers fees can also be expected when one party refuses to comply with a court order. The non-complying party will usually be ordered to pay all or part of the other partyís attorney fees.

Finally, attorney fees can be awarded as a penalty when one party does not act in good faith. The court has discretion over the amount of fees it can order, although it must be fair and reasonable.

The laws concerning attorney fees usually only provide for a portion of your bill being paid by the other side (if you are lucky). If you have a divorce or other family law situation, it is best to count on paying all of your own attorney fees and costs. If the court does order the other side to pay for your attorney fees, normally it will not be enough to pay your entire attorney fee bill. Additionally, even if attorney fees are ordered, they still must be collected. Often times, an award for attorney fees are often difficult to collect.

Post-Judgment Modifications in California

Post-judgment modifications are any court actions which attempt to change a court order after a divorce or paternity judgment is final. These family law matters include enforcement of a court order, an attempt to raise or lower child support, an attempt to increase or reduce spousal support, and any attempt to change child custody or http://temeculafamilylaw.blogspot.com/2008/02/visitation-in-califorina.html.

Post judgement modificationsAlthough the family court retains the power to change certain orders as a matter of law, other orders cannot be modified after a judgment is entered.If you wish to modify a divorce judgment or any other family law order, you should first obtain legal advice from a California divorce and paternity attorney such as Famularo & Associates to help you assess your chances of prevailing.

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